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Radiofil magazine is the only 68 page French radio magazine with a bimonthly publication.
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Contents of the magazine
Sommaire général
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  Radiofil magazine is
  • a bimonthly publication,
• four color-process covers and illustrations,
• 68 pages (or more) of articles and items dedicated to our hobby.
   • information and news
  • calendar of future exhibitions;
• news : recent book issues, life of other friend clubs, news from world radio stations , special events...
• illustrated exhibition reports: atmosphere, choice, visitors rate, prices...
• AM radio life both in France and around the world. Will our old radio sets be shortly silent?
   • technical pages
  • radio technics initiation: theoritical concepts in order to understand the phenomenons...
• realizations: coils, amplifiers, oscillators, experimental transmitters...
• valve radio restoration, from housing to components, a mere and detailed illustrated approach;
• measurement technics in a receiver, staple equipment building;
• the « Retro-Fiches » : color laidout memo useful to date a valve, learn the color code, remind the safety concerns during electrical restoration...
   • radio history pages
  • the biography of the important inventors and engineers who discovered, created or improved the technics, devices and processes for codes, signs, words and images transmissions...
• les techniques premières analysées et expliquées au travers des connaissances et des composants de l'époque (la téléphonie, la télégraphie, les premiéres liaisons hertziennes....
   • des rubriques réguliéres
  • detailed notices provided with photographs, diagrams, detailed characteristics, valves, alignment procedure...
• classified ads: prime heading, 4 to 5 pages devoured at once!...
• article reproduction from old retro press, vintage advertisements...
• « Au fil du forum » : notre forum est un haut lieu d'expression et d'échanges et une source d'informations toujours très intéressantes. Nous sélectionnons quelques files que nous estimons d'un grand intérêt pour nos lecteurs et les reproduisons dans les lignes de la revue, en pensant en particulier à ceux qui n'ont pas Internet.
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