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The club
How to join us
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Portrait gallery
Radiofil, who are we?
  An association which federates more than 2500 members around a common passion: know, restore, protect, collect the radio sets, as well as any objects and documents related to the transmission, the recording and the reproduction of the sound and the image.
Radiofil results from the merging in 2004 of two associations:
• the AEA (les Amis du Musée de l'Électro-Acoustique - Les Radiophiles français) created in 1974;
• Rétro-phonia, created in 1994.
It is the club of the amateurs of the history of the men and the techniques. It is also the club of the amateurs of the collection and the restoration of the ancient appliances. The club applies a simple and friendly approach to help the lovers of those old objects in their search (who are not necessarily technicians).
Radiofil gathers his members around the same passion: know, restore, protect, collect objects and documents related to the radio transmission and also sound and image recording and reproduction.
So far, Radiofil represents the most important French association of amateurs of this type: it is a significant advantage to exchange equipment and experience between passionate persons and to discuss with the authorities susceptible to help us to protect that heritage.
   • Our objectives  
  • Help the members to know and to restore technical objects by respecting their history and their authenticity.
• Help in the conservation of the documentation and objects establishing the heritage related to our vocation.
• Initiate or support any action allowing the improvement, the knowledge and the saving of the history of the men and the first technologies used for transmission and sound reproduction.
   • The equipments  
  • The appliances, illustrations, articles and documents from the beginning of the sound reproduction and broadcasting techniques...
• The most significant items: former electricity (electrostatic, batteries, generators...), radio sets, telegraphs, telephones, gramophones, record players, tape recordesr, television... without forgetting the major components: the vacuum tubes and the semiconductors...
• The vintage lab equipments (experiments, measures) associated with these various techniques.
   • The actions  
  • We are determinedly turned to the relations with our counterparts world wide.
• Exchanges of bulletins, magazines, even translation of articles and press reviews are also planned.
• We look for partnerships with institutions and communities regarding to our object.
   • The bimonthly bulletin  
  > Discover Radiofil magazine
   • The museum  

• Our partnership with the Musée de l'Aventure du Son in Saint-Fargeau (Yonne) is the mark of our objectives.
> Virtual visit of the museum

   • Documents  
  The association publishes documents and books for his members:
• le Grand Livre de la TSF (The Big Book of the Radio);
• l'Encyclopédie Pratique de la Radio (The Radio Practical Encyclopædia);
• cD-ROM's or DVD-ROM's of schematic diagrams etc.;
• boards on specific items;
• a bookshop with the best books relative to those activities.
   • Why becoming a Radiofil member?  
  Passionate of radio, electricity, electronics, high fidelity, ancient radioamateurism, join us, you will have the possibility:
• to publish free ads in the magazine,
• to become an exhibitor in our stock exchanges fairs,
• to get CD-ROM's, DVD-ROM's, books of the bookshop, lamps and parts from the component shop,
• to have access to schematic documentation service.
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