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Radiofil magazine is the only 68 page French radio magazine with a bimonthly publication.
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Contents of the magazine
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Contents du Bulletin de l'AEA série normale 97
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Couverture magazine

Ivory sheets :
Pour les amateurs, un bon amplificateur Geloso à lampes

History of men :
Le club des 8 by J.-C. Montagné.
In 1923 the French Radio Amateur's Association was founded among the first French licensed radio station.
Un constructeur : les établissements GMR by J.-C. Montagné.

History of techniques :
La TSF des années 30 by J.-C. Montagné.
Histoire de polar(isation)
Premiers pas de la TSF à lampes by R. Dubosq.
Les étapes pendant la guerre 1914-18 de l'amplificateur pour basse fréquence.
The developement of A.F. amplifiers in the framework of the 1st W.W. in the French Army is reviewed. The main models and their evolution are describe after an article written in 1920.
Huff Duff by P. Demerseman, R. Foster.
Huff Duff or HF/DF or High Frequency Direction Finding was used by the Allies during WW II in fighting German submarines. At the outbreak of the war, an instantaneous device designed by R. Watson-Watt was already utilized by the Royal Navy. At the end of 1940, a French engineer, H. Busignies, escaped from France and went to the United States where he developed his own devices that went into service, at first land-based in 1941, then shipborne in 1942. The story of HF/DF is briefly rewieved.

Theory and practice :
Les collecteurs d'ondes by Marius Joly.
Loops of different shapes are briefly analyzed.
Aide-mémoire : les condensateurs by J.-C. Montagné.

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