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Radiofil magazine is the only 68 page French radio magazine with a bimonthly publication.
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Contents of the magazine
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Contents du Bulletin de l'AEA série normale 91
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Couverture magazine

History of men :
Bourse d'échange Roger Furon 1997 by P. Demerseman.
The 11th Roger Furon meeting was held in Les Vans (Ardèche). Sunday August 24. Forty five flea market places offered a variety of radio sets, spares, tubes and documents to about four hundred collectors and interested visitors from four European nations. Three contests were organised.
André Charlin by Guy Biraud.

History of techniques :
Allô la Terre… ici Mars by P. Demerseman, R. Foster.
Landing successfully on July 4, 1997, the day of the 221th anniversary of Independance and the year of the100th anniversary of the discovery of the electron by J.J. Thomson, Mars Pathfinder is a new, brillant illustration of the capabilities of the radiowaves. Without efficient long range radio communication, this fruitful space mission would be unrealizable. Some data concerning telecommunications between the Lander and the Earth via the Deep Space Network are quoted, along with other data relative to the Rover-Lander RF link.
Un fabricant : Technique et Décoration (TED) by J. Louvet.
L'étage démodulateur d'un récepteur radiophonique FM by P. Melusson.
Maladie des trimmers by Marius Joly.
Au sujet de l'excellent article de l'ami Porneuf paru dans le numéro 90.

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