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Wireless diary
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19th March 2011

Cestas (33) — Spring radio junk

This report has been published in the issue No. 44 of Radiofil magazine.
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A lot of people on Saturday, March 19th, near Bordeaux to Gazinet, town of Cestas. The radioamateurs and the other passionate persons had been made an appointment for this big annual secondhand trade of the radio in Gironde, completely free - it is necessary to underline it -, as well for the exhibitors as for the visitors.
There was for all the tastes, all the purses!
From the very beginning of the morning, as soon as the various stands were installed, the visitors hurried up numerous to try to realize " the bargain ". Diverse equipments were exposed, active and passive components, ancient radiosets, many radio ham, broadcast and reception equipment, antennas, cables, measuring devices, numerous oscilloscopes among which those belonging to the famous brand Tektronik.
The afternoon was much more quiet, in particular from 16 hours when the slightest density of visitors allowed a better visibility!
In the passage, one could inquire on our club Radiofil, so the visitors asked a large number questions, in particular about schematics. The magazine, leaflets and stickers had moreover a lot of success.
Thanks to the organizers, and in particular the radio-club of Cestas F6KUQ who welcomed well to us, insured the placement of the exhibitors, organized the restoration, the access of vehicles, the estate management, etc.

Philippe Marsan

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